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Quantum Information Science Summer/Winter Training in Patna

This is an advanced graduate course on quantum computation and quantum information, for which prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is required. Topics include quantum computation, advanced quantum error correction codes, fault tolerance, quantum algorithms beyond factoring, properties of quantum entanglement, and quantum protocols and communication complexity.


Modules Topics
1. Quantum Operations; Operator Sum Representation; System-Environment Model
2. Quantum Error Correction - Criteria and Examples
3. Calder bank Shor Steane Codes
4. Stabilizers; Stabilizer Quantum Codes
5. Topological Quantum Codes; Kitaev's Anyon Model
6. Stabilizers II; Computing on Quantum Codes
7. Concatenated Codes; The Threshold Theorem
8. Cluster State Quantum Computation
9. Measurement and Teleportation Based Quantum Computation
10. Adiabatic Quantum Computation
11. Quantum Algorithms on Graphs; Quantum Random Walks
12. Quantum Algorithms: The Abelian Hidden Subgroup Problem; QFT Over Sn
13. Channels I: Quantum Data Compression; Entanglement Concentration; Typical Subspaces
14. Channels II: Holevo's Theorem; HSW Theorem; Entanglement Assisted Channel Capacity
15. Channels III: Quantum-Quantum Channels, Mother/Father Protocol; Distillable Entanglement
16. Entanglement as a Physical Resource
17. Quantum Protocols - Quantum Communication Complexity; Distributed Algorithms
18. Quantum Games
19. Quantum Cryptography
20. Conclusion