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Programming in Lisp Summer/Winter Training in Patna

Lisp is a functional programming language with imperative features. By functional we mean that the overall style of the language is organized primarily around expressions and functions rather than statements and subroutines. Every Lisp expression returns some value.


Modules Topics
1. Introduction to Lisp
2. Basics on Writing Lisp programs
3. Variables
4. Atoms and Lists
5. Destructive Ops, Functional Programming
6. Control Structures
7. Advanced Control Structures
8. Formatted and File I/O
9. Iteration vs. Recursion
10. Sequences
11. Structures
12. Macros
13. CLOS: Objects and Slots
14. CLOS: Methods
15. CLOS: Inheritance
16. Miscellany (packages, exceptions, garbage collector)