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Ethics and the Law on the Electronic Frontier Summer/Winter Training in Patna

This course considers the interaction between law, policy, and technology as they relate to the evolving controversies over control of the Internet. In addition, there will be an in-depth treatment of privacy and the notion of "transparency" -- regulations and technologies that govern the use of information, as well as access to information. Topics explored will include:
 Legal Background for Regulation of the Internet
 Fourth Amendment Law and Electronic Surveillance
 Profiling, Data Mining, and the U.S. PATRIOT Act
 Technologies for Anonymity and Transparency
 The Policy-Aware Web


Modules Topics
1. Course Overview and Introduction
Policy Making and the Structure of Law
2. The Internet meets the Indian Constitution
3. The Legacy of Reno: The Strengths and Limits of Filtering and User Control
4. Fourth Amendment Foundations and the First Century of Electronic Surveillance
5. International Issues
6. Technology-driven Public-private Boundary Shifts
The Crypto Wars
7. Profiling and Datamining Post-9/11
8. Anonymity vs. Transparency
9. Personal Information on the Web
10. Transparency in Consumer Protection and Commercial Regulation
11. Origins of Broadcast Regulation
12. Semantic Web Public Policy Challenges