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Data Communication Networks Summer/Winter Training in Patna

This course focuses on the fundamentals of data communication networks. One goal is to give some insight into the rationale of why networks are structured the way they are today and to understand the issues facing the designers of next-generation data networks. Much of the course focuses on network algorithms and their performance. Students are expected to have a strong mathematical background and an understanding of probability theory. Topics discussed include: layered network architecture, Link Layer protocols, high-speed packet switching, queueing theory, Local Area Networks, and Wide Area Networking issues, including routing and flow control.


Modules Topics
1. Introduction, OSI 7-Layer Architecture
2. Data Link Layers, Framing, Error Detection
3. Retransmission Algorithms
4. Queueing Models - Introduction & Little's Theorem
5. M/M/1, M/M/m, Queues etc.
6. Networks of Queues
7. M/G/1 Queues
8. M/G/1 Queue Occupancy Distribution
9. M/G/1 w/ Vacations, Reservations, Priority Queues
10. Stability of Queueing Systems
11. Multiple Access & Aloha
12. Stabilized Aloha, Tree Algorithms
13. CSMA, CSMA/CD and Ethernet
14. High-Speed LANs, Token Rings, Satellite Reservations
15. Introduction to Switch Architecture
16. High Speed Switch Scheduling
17. Broadcast Routing & Spanning Trees
18. Shortest Path Routing
19. Distributed Routing Algorithms, Optimal Routing
20. Flow Control - Window/Credit Schemes
21. Flow Control - Rate Based Schemes
22. Transport Layer and TCP/IP
23. ATM Networks
24. Special Topic: Optical Networks, Wireless Networks
25. Conclusion