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COMPUTER NETWORKS Summer/Winter Training in Patna

How does the global network infrastructure work and what are the design principles on which it is based? In what ways are these design principles compromised in practice? How do we make it work better in today's world? How do we ensure that it will work well in the future in the face of rapidly growing scale and heterogeneity? And how should Internet applications be written, so they can obtain the best possible performance both for themselves and for others using the infrastructure? These are some issues that are grappled with in this course. The course will focus on the design, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of large-scale networked systems. Topics include internetworking philosophies, unicast and multicast routing, congestion control, network quality of service, mobile networking, router architectures, network-aware applications, content dissemination systems, network security, and performance issues. Material for the course will be drawn from research papers, industry white papers, and Internet RFCs.


Modules Topics
1. Part I: Internetworking and Routing
Packet Switching
A Simple Network
2. The Internetworking Problem
The IP/TCP Split Connections
Scaling IP
3. Scaling IP (cont.)
Routers: Forwarding and Routing
The IP Forwarding Path
4. Unicast Internet Routing: Intra- and Inter-Domain Routing
5. Internet Routing-in-the-Wild
6. Router Design and Implementation
7. Security Problems with the Internet Architecture
8. Part II: Resource Management
End-to-End Congestion Control
9. Router-Assisted Congestion Control: Active Queue Management
10. Fair Queuing and Variants
11. Modeling and Measurement-I: Packet Trains Slides
12. Adaptive Network Applications
Nick's CM slides
13. Part III: Communication and Network Services
P2P Networks
Distributed Hash Table (DHT) Abstraction and Algorithms
14. Routing in Overlay Networks
15. DNS
Resource Discovery
Other Examples of Lookups
16. Wireless and Mobility: MAC Protocols, Routing
17. Wireless Protocols: Data Transport and Sensor Data Dissemination (Cross-Layer Protocols)
18. Group Communication: Multicast Routing and Transport
19. Multicast (cont.); Scalability and Robustness in Networks